The Hyper Japan Festival will take place Friday, July 12 through Sunday, July 14 at Olympia Exhibition Centre in London.

Both Ahimi® and UNami will BE showcased at booths H11 and H12 at the Japan Food Show.

Ocean Hugger Foods will be debuting its innovative plant-based seafood products, Ahimi and Unami, in the UK market at the 2019 Hyper Japan Show in London.

“We’re thrilled to be able to share Ahimi and Unami at the UK’s largest Japanese culture event. Both products were inspired by Japan’s traditional sushi culture and are a great alternative for chefs who want to provide their guests with dishes highlighting the natural texture and experience of sushi, without the negative environmental impacts of wild or farmed seafood,” said James Corwell, Certified Master Chef and Co-Founder of Ocean Hugger Foods. 


Ahimi, Ocean Hugger’s flagship product, is a plant-based alternative to raw tuna made from tomatoes and other simple ingredients. Ahimi is perfect for use in a variety of dishes including sushi, nigiri, sashimi, ceviche, tartare and poké. 

Unami is a plant-based alternative to freshwater eel, or unagi, made from eggplants and other simple ingredients including gluten-free soy sauce, mirin, and algae oil. Unami is a ready-to-use product that is great for sushi and rice bowls, as well as more innovative dishes like Japanese-style pizzas and tacos. 

Ahimi® on an avocado maki roll

Ahimi® on an avocado maki roll

Unami™ nigiri

Unami™ nigiri

Our plant-based products are a delicious alternative not only for vegans and vegetarians but also for anyone concerned with the impact their food choices have on the environment.
— David Benzaquen, Co-Founder and CEO of Ocean Hugger Foods

Both products are made using Ocean Hugger’s patent-pending process, which changes the texture of the vegetable to resemble that of its seafood counterpart. The vegetable is then marinated to infuse it with a rich umami flavor. Both products are vegan and gluten-free.

Ahimi and Unami will be available to the foodservice sector in the UK in Fall 2019. They will each be packed in six kilogram cases consisting of 12-500 gram trays. To learn more and connect with a sales rep, email or visit