Every year on June 8th, we here at Ocean Hugger Foods join in the celebration of World Oceans Day. It seems like each day there is more bad news about the state of the oceans waiting for us in our feeds - everything from overfishing to plastic pollution to climate change. While it’s important to understand the severity of these problems, too much bad news can have a nasty side effect: helplessness.

We see World Oceans Day as an opportunity to stop and celebrate the life-giving role the oceans play in our lives, and to remind ourselves of the concrete, positive actions we can take to clean and protect them.

Last year, we wrote about how the oceans make life possible, and some of the best ways you can show them some love. These include reducing your use of disposable plastics, volunteering at a beach cleanup, and making smarter seafood choices.

This year, we’d like to highlight some of the non-profit organizations doing great work for ocean protection.

The Ocean Conservancy is working to solve the greatest threats facing our oceans, from acidification to overfishing. Using science-based solutions and policy making, this group champions innovative solutions to protect the oceans, as well as the communities and wildlife that depend on them. You can contribute to their work by becoming a member or donating.

Working at the local, regional, and national level, Surfrider’s powerful chapter network focuses on five critical issues: coastal preservation, ocean protection, plastic pollution, clean water, and beach access. There are lots of ways to get involved! Look up a chapter, volunteer, or donate.

This group of experienced divers is taking on the issue of ghost fishing gear, which is one of the greatest killers in our oceans. These are the nets, traps, lines, and other equipment lost by the fishing industry each year, which go on indiscriminately killing ocean life for years, and sometimes decades. Ghost Fishing leads efforts to remove marine debris around the world, in addition to documenting the issue and raising awareness. You can help by donating to their efforts.

You can also help the oceans by getting vocal on social media. We’ll be posting customizable stories so you can let your friends know all about how you take action for the oceans or share your support of ocean-friendly organizations and companies. Head over to Instagram or Facebook to celebrate with us!